Below are some Sales Panties from my collection!

My panties on this page are nylon, poly or lycra blends.
All soft, smooth and delicious!

Sizes vary.

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Your purchase will be worn for 1-2 days
Playtime optional at no charge.

Additional wear is available on the Order Form.

Worn and shipped fresh.
Vacuumed sealed or in a ziplock bag. Your choice.

I hope you can find something you like!

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Soft & silky light blue panties with soft pink lace edges.

Item - SPTY001 // $25

Soft and smooth navy blue panties. that have a pretty kind of lacy flower pattern and lace trim.

Item - SPTY002 // $25

My silky blue gray panties with sweet lace trim!

SOLD - SPTY003 // $25

My electric pink mesh VS ruffle-y panties!

Item - SPTY004 // $25

H O T pink panties with a touch of black!

Item - SPTY005 // $25

Bashful blue panties with soft cream lace trim.

Item - SPTY006 // $25

My naughty nude nylon bikini panties with lace trim.

Item - SPTY007 // $25

Silky bikini panties in a turquoise multi color!

Item - SPTY008 // $25

♥      ♥       ♥      ♥       ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥

The bikini panties below are all alike as far as fabric, soft and smooth, nylon spandex, similar to VS Body By Victoria. They have smooth crotches, not cotton panels.

To save time I'm just listing the colors below them.

$20 each with one days wear / 24 hours.


Item - SPTY009



Item - SPTY010


Item - SPTY011



Item - SPTY012



Item - SPTY013



Item - SPTY014



Item - SPTY015



Item - SPTY016

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