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You're selling whaaat!!

Now don't let this page freak you out. I cater to many fetishes and try not to leave many out. I get a lot of requests for what some would call unusual personal items ..... so I thought I'd make this page with as many things as I can think of that have been bought and/or requested. If it offends you  .... move on.

If I missed something just ask.

I've left out many details for a reason. I think most of you can figure it out. If not, ask.

Be sure to check out my special baked goods below!!


My hair filled hair brush.

(add shipping $8.00)

SOLD  # JSW330

My used lipstick or lipgloss. 

(add shipping $8.00)

Item # JSW331

My well worn toothbrush and toothpaste spit.

(add shipping $8.00)

Item # JSW332

My ABC gum.
5 Pieces

(add shipping $8.00)

Item # JSW333

A big ziploc bag full of used TP of your choice
or mixed.

(add shipping $8.00)

Item # JSW334

My Champagne

A 20oz-ish bottle.

$10.00 each
(Add one time $10 shipping no matter how many you order)

Item # JSW336

Flatbread Footbeds

Flour tortillas worn in my shoes for a full day!

(shipping included in price)

Item # JSW337




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